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We offer individual student programs depending the level of Spanish knowledge. We offer Beginners, intermediate and advance lessons.

For price and package contact us

How Fluent will you need to be ?

Beginners- Level 1

You will be able to:

-Talk about yourself and ask others about: name, origins, age, job, hobbies

-Recognize and use numbers 1-100

-Give your phone number and address and ask others for theirs

-Learn the Spanish alphabet and spell words orally and on paper

-Talk about jobs, hobbies, and nationalities and understand others when they talk about these topics

-Greet others appropriately

-Talk about friends, coworkers and family members. Describe them and give information about them

-Talk about others and ask questions about others regarding: name, origins, age, job, hobbies

-Conjugate at least 4 verbs in all of the singular forms (I, You, He/She)

-Read short and medium-length texts about others and their families and lifestyles

-Describe your house, your living room, and the objects and furniture therein

-Describe your office and your workplace

-Talk about food, in particular your likes and dislikes

-Order food at a restaurant in a Spanish-speaking setting


Present simple (singular persons – I/You/He/She)

Basic interrogative forms

There is/there are

I like…/I don’t like…

I want…/I would like


Beginners- Level 2

You will be Fluent!

-Talk about yourself and ask others details about: name, origins, age, job, hobbies.

-Talk and ask about ALL persons (I, You, He/She, We, You, They)

-Recognize and use numbers 100-100,000

-Conjugate 7 irregular verbs and ALL regular verbs (-er, -ar, -irĀ verbs) in all of the singular and plural persons (I, You, He/She, We, “Y’all”, They)

-Learn additional useful vocabulary for everyday things

-Identify and talk about places around town

-Give and ask for directions

-Report locations, emotions, and permanent and temporary states

-Tell time, and talk about time, weather, days, months, and seasons

-Talk about present habits in write my essay free your own life and the life of others

-Talk about customs in different cultures


Present simple verb tense (all forms, singular and plural)

Increasingly complex interrogative forms

Follow-up questions

Definite and indefinite articles

The verb “ir” (to go)

The verbs “ser” and “estar” (to be)

Intermediate Level 1


-Describe your present routines and habits, and those of others

-Have more words available for speaking about the following important areas of life: work, free time, home, food, people, time and weather, family and places

-Ask and answer questions about a variety of topics, including personal information and information about friends, family, and coworkers

-Talk about situations as they are happening

-Refer to people, places and things through the use of pronouns

-Describe past events, activities and actions in your life and in the life of others

-Distinguish between past events and past habits or states

-Make future plans and predictions

-Move easily through descriptions of the past, present and future


Present simple verb tense

Present continuous verb tense

Preterite verb tense

Imperfect verb tense

Immediate future verb tense

Direct and indirect object pronouns


Intermediate 2 and Advanced Students

We usually use Book Step by Step Advanced Spanish

-Pronunciation & Spelling
-Functions Review – track your progress chapter by chapter
-Final Functions Review – track your progress level by level
-Conversation using book and stories.


The Present Subjuntive

The Imperfect Subjuntive


Future Tense

Present Perfect Tense